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Seven Needs vs Seven Chakras

There are 7 needs that a person should experience in his life. What are they? How to understand if you have any lack in any of these needs? And how to find a resource to balance them and bring harmony in the life?

7 Energy Centers

There are seven special energy centers in the human structure, which are responsible for absorbing the spectra of energy and information necessary for the body from the surrounding space, as well as for the output (release) of energy and information from the human body.

That is how, through these centers, an energy-informational two-way exchange with the environment takes place.

These centers filter and supply to the body from the surrounding energetic chaos the necessary amounts of energy in their frequency spectra (each center works in its own frequency range and in its own individual coding), and also remove excess, spent or information-coded energy from the human body (for communication with others) energy.

These seven centers receive and radiate not only energy, but also information. That is why we are talking about energy-information exchange through these centers.

Location of seven energy centers:

Three lower centers of a person are characterized by the predominance of energy over information, the two upper - the predominance of information over energy. Two middle ones - adapt the energy and information of the lower group of centers to the upper ones and vice versa.

These centers can be in 2 states:

• in the phase of absorption of energy and information from the surrounding space

• in the phase of radiation (release, removal) of energy and information from the body.

These phases alternate.

Structurally, each center is a rotating cone about 3-5 cm in diameter. These cones narrow as they enter the human body and then "connect" to the main energy channel - the spine.

On the physical level, these seven centers, in accordance with their location on the human body, supervise certain organs and systems, supplying energy (and information) to them from the outside and bringing out the waste energy (and information) of these organs.

As with breathing: inhale-exhale, oxygen - inward, carbon dioxide - outward. Thus, the energy balance (homeostasis) in the body is maintained.

Therefore, by the quality of the energy-mixture “exhaled” by the center and the frequency of “breathing” of each energy center, one can judge the processes that occur in the organs and systems of the physical body.

Forced (or, conversely, slowed down) energy mode of operation of any energy centers speaks of the trouble of the internal organs associated with it.

On the emotional level, these seven centers are associated with particular emotions, behavior patterns, and senses. If you feel that you are too emotional in the positive or negative ways, it means that energy-informational flow in your centers is not perfect.

On the energy level. We speak about chakras – the main energy nodes, where 72 000 energy channels of our energy body have the most concentration. Chakras differ in polarization depending on the sex of a person, which determines the different perception of the surrounding reality by men and women.


To recognize where you experience blockages of energy flow, question yourself:

  • How do I feel myself right now?

  • What is bothering you?

  • What do I want?

  • What do I often think about?

  • What kind of emotions do I usually feel?

In the next 7 posts you will receive practical tools how to balance your 7 energy centers to fill your life with 7 needs.


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