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100,000 IDR   Back & shoulder 30 min

100,000 IDR   Feet & Legs 30 min

100,000 IDR   Head & face massage 30 min

200,000 IDR   Full body massage 1 hour

275,000 IDR   Full body massage 1.5 hours

400,000 IDR   Hot stone massage 1.5 hours

Complements: foot bath with flowers, aroma oil on your choice, facial massage with cream aura

200,000 IDR   Full body scrub 45 min

300,000 IDR   Boreh traditional Balinese body treatment

(1.5 hours in combination with full body relax massage)

300,000 IDR   108 Herbs detox body scrub 1 hour

(Deep cleansing and detoxification of your skin with a mixture of 108 herbs and sea salt from Bali Sea. Your skin will be soft and smooth like baby skin!)

200,000 IDR   Facial treatment package 45 min

Cleansing with organic lotion with kombucha extract; deep cleansing and vitalizing with scrub; facial massage with cocoa butter; moisturizing and smoothing with cream aura.

200,000 IDR   Foot treatment package 1 hour

Foot bath with Bali sea salt, clay mask with ginger, herbal scrub for legs, feet & legs massage.

400,000 IDR Coconut Paradise treatment 2 hours

Full body massage with VCO, full body coconut scrub, coconut facial mask, bathing with coconut milk.

450,000 IDR Detox package 2 hours

Foot bath with herbs and sea salt, clay mask for feet & legs, full body herbal scrub, full body honey massage, herbal bath.

King & Queen treatment

700,000 IDR 1 person / 1,250,000 IDR Couple

Foot bath with herbs and sea salt, clay mask for feet & legs, full body scrub on your choice, full body massage facial & hair treatment, flower bath. 2.5 hours

1,000,000 IDR Manual therapy healing massage "Blessing of the Gods"

Blessing of the gods is a traditional strong healing Balinese massage. A therapist is a Balinese man from the family of healers in every generation. He works with different techniques, like deep tissue massage, acupressure, wrong joins correction, Nirvana massage. If you have permanent back pain, wrong position of joints, wrong blood circulation, this massage is your choice.

The session takes about 1 hour depending on your problems.

Sound Healing session 1 hour

2,100,000 IDR (1 person) / 3,750,000 IDR (couple)

Sound Healing is a powerful way to reduce stress and calm the mind, allowing practitioners to sink into deep states of relaxation. Usage of different ancient instruments will trigger different emotions inside you. It will be your personal journey, that will give you awareness about your inner state and will help release deep subconscious blocks.

Aloe Vera mask

In Bali it is very easy to get sun burn, especially as we offer many outdoor activities. If you have not protected yourself well, aloe vera body mask will help you to calm your skin.

75,000 IDR per half side.

Hair mask

Salted water and strong sun can make your hair very dry. Try to apply our hand made hair mask to make your hair soft again!

150,000 IDR per person.


Dream Hill Wellness and SPA center invites you to try dry or wet sauna in the afternoon after your yoga session. Enforce detoxification and blood circulation.

150,000 IDR per session per person.

Flower/Herbal Bath

After a busy day, you can request a flower or herbal bath at the SPA area or one of the open-air shared bathrooms with an amazing view of night Lovina.  Cleansing baths are an easy and relaxing way to cleanse your aura. With flowers, it is even better!

150,000 IDR per session per person

Organic shop

All products that we use in our SPA treatments can be purchased in Lovina Organic shops, located at all our hotels.

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