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Beginner's meditation #1

duration 13:51

Here is simple technique to get you started practicing meditation. In this meditation we will use focus on the flow of your breath.

wide legs.jpg

Kriya for legs

duration 23:38

Simple and short sequence will help you to open your hips and improve energy movement in your legs, that you need for being able to sit longer in easy posture when you meditate.

For the girls! The first exercise on this video is the best way to avoide celulite and to make your legs more slim!


Anti-anxiety meditation

duration 10:41

Yogi Bhajan has given this meditation as an antidote for anxiety. And this is one of meditations that you can use for healing a spine, because during any period of recovery there are always a lot of unknown factors. When will the pain stop? When will I be able to return to work or begin training again? It is normal to be anxious and a little impatient with the process of healing. This meditation will help calm and balance you. This meditation is beneficial for all three regions of the back.


Insomnia curriculum

curriculum + 3 Videos

Have you ever had insomnia? Have you ever had to take sleeping pills? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling as if you have been run over by a ten-ton truck? Do you think you need more sleep?

The purpose of sleep is to allow the body and the mind to rest, recuperate, regenerate – and do some self-healing. You should wake up rested, refreshed, and alert, ready to face the day.

This curriculum contains a lot of recommendations before go to sleep, series of exercises that are perfect before go to bed with a video guidance how to do them, description of breath meditation for good sleep, video workshop how to make foot massage, morning stretch routine, and kriya with video guidance to work on insomnia.

If sleep is a constant problem for you, practice this kriya regularly for 90 days. It can be done before bed at night or in the morning. We waste billions of dollars on sleeping aids and stimulants when a much safer and more stable approach exists in exercise and meditation. Unfortunately, the exercises take effort; a pill doesn't. If you choose to put the effort into this kriya, it will eliminate sleep disturbances and give you alertness throughout the day.


Forgiveness meditation

duration 20:15

The power of forgiveness transcends time and space and allows us to move forward with ease and confidence. As we forgive ourselves, forgive others and receive forgiveness, our hearts open to the light and love within. This Kundalini Yoga forgiveness meditation gives us the opportunity to focus on one or more people who we believe have done harm to us or we have harmed. Its always important to remember that everything is happening perfectly, in perfect timing for us and all the souls we are connected to for our collective spiritual development.

life nerv stretching one leg.jpg

A short and sweet kriya to get the energy moving

duration 36:45

This is a simple set of exercises. It only takes 22 minutes and makes the back feel great and gets the energy moving. It is a good series to do after you wake up in the morning or before bed at night. It is also a good series to do before a longer meditation or meditative kriya.

cat stretching.jpg

A few simple wake up exercises

duration 15:01

For your morning sadhana you can choose any kriya and meditation that you feel works for you in the best way, or you can start your day with a few simple exercises to awake your energy and prepare for the day.


Healthy Happy Holy Breath

duration 18:08

The power of your breath enhances the depth of the effect of this affirmation. Slowing down the normal breath rate is significant. When the breath rate is slower than four breaths per minute, it puts you into a meditative state, as the brain starts functioning intensely. The pineal and pituitary glands shift their relationship to each other and in this condition, the effects of inner and outer sound are greater: whatever you chant or repeat in this moment will penetrate deeper into your subconscious. As a result, a larger portion of yourself will be able to synchronize with your intentions and carry them out.


Alternate nostril Breathing

duration 8:37

This particular technique is very simple, yet very effective. It is extremely helpful when we feel off-center and we still must function in the everyday world. For instance, we may be scheduled for an important interview, or business endeavor and find ourselves extremely nervous or irritable. This technique can help us calm ourselves and be effective in our communication.

breath right.jpg

Breath Cleansing Pranayama

duration 27:00

This short series balances both your blood chemistry and your mental attitude.


Apana kriya

duration 31:58

This is a good example of a simple but powerful series that was kept secret by those few yogis who learned it. This will allow you to completely master your digestive system and give a youthful appearance to your skin. Aging does not start just with years; it begins with nutritional deficiency, intestinal problems, untended emotional and physical stress and an inflexible spine that disrupts the flow of meridians as well as the rejuvenating flow of your spinal fluid.

eradicator ego.jpg

Kriya for elevation

duration 41:01

This kriya is excellent as a warm-up and a tune-up. It systematically exercises the spine and aids in the circulation of praana to balance the chakras.

sufi grid.jpg

Two simple exercises for digestion and elimination

duration 12:15

These two simple exercises are recommended for every day morning practice when your stomach is still empty.


KY for 2nd chakra: kidneys and adrenal glands

duration 1:08:14

Do we have the strength left to reach the goal, despite the blizzard? Our energy can flow freely, we can eat well, sleep enough, but if our adrenal glands are not working, it will be difficult to hold on. We get tired and irritable. It is important to have a balanced endocrine system, and especially strong adrenals and kidneys, in order to gain that extra stamina and the ability to control anger and
hypoglycemia. Weakness of the adrenal glands and kidneys leads to dysfunctions of the heart.


KY to treat addictions and compulsive behavior

duration 30:18

This class in based on 3 meditations that you can practice separately as well:

Ganesha Meditation

This is a great exercise to do “when you want to change the page” on the way your day is going and start things over.

Gan Puttee Kriya

Gan Puttee Kriya will redeem all the negativity of the past and present. It will take away all negative karma of your past, smooth out your day to day problems and create a positive tomorrow.

Medical meditation for habituation This meditation is one of a class meditations that will become well-known to the future medical society. Meditation will be used to alleviate all kinds of mental and physical afflictions, but it may be as many as 500 years before the new medical science will understand the effects of this kind of meditation well enough to delineate all its parameters in measurable factors.



duration 1:22:17

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. KY meditation to maintain the body without eating: This meditation will build up your circumvent force and electromagnetic field. It allows you to draw in free energy (electrons, protons, neutrons) from the universe so that you can maintain your body without having to eat. 2. Kriya for Self-Reliance: Self-reliance will vanish all fear. Fear comes when you are dependent on anything other than your own inner wisdom and higher self. If your self-reliance is strong, you are protected. This series provokes self-reliance and energizes several physical areas of the body. Exercise 1 sets the balance in the aura between north and south. It also puts a pressure on the liver to clean the body and increase courage. Exercises 2 and 3 open the Heart Center's energy of compassion and surrender to infinite wisdom. Exercise 4 works on the liver and Exercise 5 on the creative force. The last exercise is a meditation that can be extended to 31 minutes. When turning to the right, you are representing yourself as a unit identity of Truth. When turning to the left, your reliance is focused on the Infinite Wisdom. Reliance on Whaa-hay Guroo brings self-reliance as a unit in Sat Naam. 3. Meditation to manifest money: “Life is nothing but Alertness. You can only be Alert if you are wise & disciplined.” –Yogi Bhajan. This meditation is a sign of prosperity. It is a money manifestation scheme.



duration 1:16:56

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Kundalini Yoga for the Lungs and Bloodstream This exercise is an excellent way to build stamina, to make the blood suck up the oxygen from the lungs, and to help the heart muscles regulate and reorganize themselves. It will pressurize the kidneys, gonads and adrenals. It is necessary to be able to hold a full inhale for 1 minute in order to supply optimum oxygen to the bloodstream. When less than the required oxygen is available in the blood, the brain, organs and glands are unable to function properly and the systems break down causing ill ness. When this exercise is done for 11 minutes a day or a maximum of 22 minutes, it will totall purify the bloodstream.

2. Exercise Set For Circulation This exercise set works with blood circulation and nervous system, stimulates the flow of blood through capillaries, strengthens the navel point and joints. 3. Cleanse the Bloodstream (with the Ad Such Mantra) This is a Jupiter meditation which can cleanse the bloodstream and relieve fatigue and tension if you breathe deeply and powerfully. It is this conscious breath that can bring you great relief.


How much you love

duration 1:05:50

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Meditation for Healing of the Broken Heart This meditation is very soothing once you understand it. The autonomic nervous system will relax, breathing will automatically take on a meditative pace, which will renew and relax the heart and mind. To heal heart wounds, it is necessary to calm the nerves that are associated with them. We know that a break in relationship (with others or with the self) is almost identical to the nervous system and brain with a physical injury or loss of a limb. This mudra creates balance, creates a subtle pressure that regulates the heart meridian along the little finger and outer forearm, activating the “motor nerve” connection to the autonomic nervous system for self-resetting, keeping the forearms parallel to the ground, engaging axillary reflexes; and finally, she uses the pranic influence of the middle finger and the qualities of Saturn and air to remove the effects of the emotional storm. Practice for 11, 31 or 62 minutes. 2. How much You Love Kriya Love confronts. Love has no fear. Love is the ultimate power. It knows no defeat. It doesn’t know impossible. It’s a strength, it’s not a weakness. There’s a tremendous amount of pain in love. That’s realism. But do the lovers feel it? No. There’s a joy. In history, you will find people in love of God tortured in many ways. They smiled. They laughed. Where came their strength? It was their love. I like to let you know how much you love. Let’s measure it by a straight balance of frequency. You will know it. 3. Mandhavani Kriya: Mantra to Clear Blocks The practice of this meditation, even briefly, locates you in your heart, opens your perception, and lets you immediately recognize the way forward. Mandhavani means being in the presence of intelligence, beauty, and profound caring. It is a state of joy. It’s when you’re so happy that you feel the hand and grace of God accompany each breath and effort. In that state all victory is yours and there is no victory to win but to conquer your own heart.


Thyroid, Neck, Throat

duration 56:13

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1.Thyroid Kriya 2. Neck & Thyroid 3. ONG Meditation For Power, Beauty, and Youth “Ong” is the sound of Infinity as it is heard through the conch when we put in the breath of life. The sound of the conch is only an expanded “Ong”. When a disciplined yogi practices this at the center of the nose, his brain gets a powerful vibration, and the nectar starts running. You may start to cough, practicing this, a signal that the thyroid is having trouble taking the pressure of the chant. The thyroid gland keeps you young and beautiful. This sound gives a person 3 things: power, beauty and youth.


For the skin

duration 53:01

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Kundalini Yoga Pranayama exercises to make the pores breathe 2. Kundalini Yoga for the skin 3. Meditation For Self-regeneration


Beginner's meditation #2

duration 13:38

Here is simple technique to get you started practicing meditation. In this meditation we will use mental focus on affirmation.


Shoulders' tension release 

duration 01:10:18

Kriya + Meditation for Rejuvenation. Recommended to practice for 40 days.

You are the Universe: If you are not beautiful and graceful, there is nothing beautiful or graceful. This is a truth for you are the Universe and the Universe is you.

Working mainly on the glandular system, this simple and powerful meditation produces strong health and excellent regenerative capabilities. Do it simply be yourself, and experience for yourself the virtue of

the breth of life.

sufi grid.jpg

Heal your back right now

duration 43:28

Kundalini Yoga is very good for the back, and especially effective for congenital curvatures of the spine. Kundalini Yoga practiciners spend a lot of time working with the flexibility of the spine. During the practice you will move the whole back in many different ways that you normally don’t do in your life. We use static stretching, range of motion movements and also move energy through the spine. It is also good to combine exercises with meditation techniques that clear and clarify the mind and emotions. As a result you will get a healthy and pain free back as well as the means to keep it that way!

The real solution to the physical part of most back problems lies in working with three specific areas of the body. To maintain a healthy lower back you must stretch the life nerve (hamstrings and sciatic nerve), build the strength of the third center--which is an energy center--through abdominal strengthening and move the back in a variety of ways.


Guru Ram Das meditation

duration 10:09

This is the meditation to use when you are feeling overwhelmed, afraid, or in pain. Rely on the mantra and the healing field of energy that it creates. It is also recommended that you consciously chant or meditate on the mantra for some time daily.


To see Infinity inside you

duration 01:19:32

These exercises balance the frequency and quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the potential for compassion and humility. In these meditations the mind is focused into the channel of the heart. We are preparing to have sovereignty over the service of the Universal force. This requires Universal Consciousness. There are two ways of developing Universal Consciousness: through hardship and time or through mantra. Mantra is the easier way. The difficulty is that mantra opens the Heart Center and the mind has difficulty following the heart’s frequency. In these meditations the mind is focused into the channel of the heart. It is through the understanding that comes from the heart that the mind can realize the concept that Infinity is within us.


Get up and get going

duration 31:15

This exercise set can be done in your bed and will set you for the whole day.

healing meditation.jpg

Healing meditation

duration 19:01

The mantra that is used for this meditation is unique, and it captures the radiant healing energy of the Cosmos as a gem captures the light of the sun. Like a gem, it can be put into many settings for different purposes and occasions. If you master this meditation you will be rewarded with healing and awareness.


Kirtan Kriya

duration 20:25

Practicing this meditation is both a science and an art. It is an art in the way it molds consciousness and in the refinement of sensation and insight it produces. It is a science in the tested certainty of the results each technique produces. Meditations have coded actions to their reactions in the psyche. Through this constant practice, the mind awakens to the infinite capacity of the soul for sacrifice, service, and creation.

Celibate 1.jpg

Kriya Circumvent Force

duration 40:02

The Circumvent Force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God Light that protects us, is the eighth living center or the current around us. Those people, who have a Circumvent Force that is very strong, do not have any risk of negative forces enter into their body-field, in other words, in their aura. They remain happy, healthy, and holy. Such people not only build up their entire magnetic field, electric charge, life force, and Circumvent Force, but they become a unit who can liberate others.

on the back, arms behind head.jpg

Cleansing Set For Beginners

duration 33:49

This simple set can give beauty and lightness to your body.

sufi grid.jpg

Exercise set for maintaining a flexible spine

duration 56:03

This series of exercises works systematically from the base of the spine to the top. All 26 vertebrae receive stimulation and all the energy centers receive a burst of energy. These exercises increase the circulation of the spinal fluid, which contributes to greater mental clarity. Regular practice of this series will give you increased vitality, help prevent backaches, reduce tension, and keep you young by increasing the flexibility of the spine. Take 30 seconds or more to relax between exercises and be with the energy as you experience it in your body. The energy will automatically adjust and go to where it is needed. Your job is to be present, and not consciously try to make something happen. If you do the exercises, something is already happening. Allow yourself time to discover that is taking place. Keep the eyes closed throughout this and other exercises so that you can feel your body move rhythmically, without visual distractions. This set can be done in the morning as a way to give you added energy for the day. It can also be done in the evening before dinner to revitalize you after a busy day and give you energy for the evening.


Pranayam series 1

duration 24:57

This pranayam series is a good for blood cleansing and energizing.


KY for 2nd chakra: excretory system

duration 29:17

This exercise to improve the functioning of the excretory system is good for the kidneys and bladder. This is an intermediate and very effective kriya. Make sure you follow the directions carefully.

The first, second and third chakras associated with the rectum, sex organs and navel point arethoroughly exercised in this kriya. It gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestionand elimination of waste and toxins.

Last exercise has tremendous benefits for women during menopause and prepares them for this stageof life. Exercise helps keep your ovaries, kidneys, and liver healthy.


KY for 2nd chakra: pelvic balance

duration 52:03

This class is designed for women, and is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well:

Exercise For The Reproductive System And The Menstrual Cycle: This kriya is good for the ovaries, regular menstrual cycle and relieves gas (in women)

Kriya for Pelvic Balance: This is one of the best kriyas for pelvic balance, that can help to solve a lot of women's problems with a moon cycle.

These exercises strengthens the lower back, facilitates the flow of energy through the spine and aids in metabolism; help to channel sexual energy and maintain potency.

Meditation to balance the moon centers: This meditation will balance the moon centers and will help you to go through natural transitions withstrength that creates stability. Kirtan Kriya (on the abdomen) is the most recommended meditationfor women. It helps them to break their bad habits and create balance during emotional withdraws.This meditation has the power to repair a woman’s arc line holes due to past relationships with men.This is done by eliminating the mental and physical association with these men. This variation willbalance the effects of the moon centers in a woman. It also illuminates a woman’s aura and presence.


Healing the stomach

duration 34:00

This class in based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Vatskar Dhouti Kriya: Kriya solves all digestive problems, including chronic excess acidity. Many other diseases, such as the common cold, flu, start with an upset digestive and excretory system. Kriya enhances overall health. 2. Healing The Stomach Kriya works on cleansing stomach meridians, bringing equilibrium to your digestive system. 3. Rejuvenating meditation to make you sattvic (pure): This posture is one of the best ways to adjust your navel point. Through this exercise, you can change the gray matter in your brain, entire nervous system, and spinal column. If you want to experience reincarnation into nirvana, do this meditation for 11 minutes. It will make you sattvic with all.


Habituation Curriculum


Everyone has bad habits that they wish they could break, but when you're stuck in that vicious cycle yourself, it can seem impossible to get out of it. A few Kundalini Yoga Meditations for bad habits might just help you break yours once and for all, but really, it's the defining principles of yoga itself that can teach you how to find a lifestyle and a set of habits that work for you, and how to release the ones that aren't serving you.



duration 1:05:02

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Re-vitalizing of the Heart Area Correctly practicing this kriya can benefit those people who have any kind of tension or heart problems or who have very poor circulation. It is good for those who are depressed also, but it must be accurately done. You must use the strength of the navel point, it must go in deep when you exhale. 2. Exercise Set For The Heart Chakra All the exercises in this complex work with the heart muscle and the heart center. They are aimed at the strength of energy reserves. Yogi Bhajan said that you can increase the time of each exercise up to 7 minutes to complete this complex. This exercise time will bring you into a calm state of mind. You'll want to sleep, so allow yourself some extra rest when you do this full-time routine. 3. Open Lotus Heart Meditation Many feelings will pass through you as your Heart Center strengthens and old wounds begin to melt into the sound current. Once hardened parts of your heart and old defenses will begin to drop away. Trust yourself. Immerse yourself in the presence of the open heart. We are most aligned with our real Self when we have the strength to stay open and connected to all people, everything and everyone in the Universe. It is in this connectedness that we realize our uniqueness. Be real and be present as you chant and dwell in the sound current.


Open The Heart Center

duration 1:01:59

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1.Balancing Mind and Heart Into Infintity This meditation balances the frequency and quality of the Heart Center. The Heart Center opens the potential for compassion and humility. Humanity is now going through a global transition into the Aquarian Age. We are preparing to have kingship over the service of the Universal force. This requires Universal Consciousness. There are two ways of developing Universal Consciousness: through hardship and time or through mantra. Mantra is the easier way, but the difficulty is that mantra opens the Heart Center and the mind has difficulty following the heart’s frequency. But it is through the understanding that comes from the heart that the mind can realize the concept that Infinity is within us. 2. Kriya to Open The Heart Center This is an intermediate level set to create open loving feelings. It opens the heart, increases compassion and sensitivity to others, and helps you to drop emotional defensiveness. Its calming effect allows you to eliminate unnecessary thoughts and feelings, so you can be more in the present and experience your feelings more clearly. 3. Heart Seal Meditation In this meditation, seal the sense of your Self al the Heart Center. Sit still and consolidate your Self. Welcome the unknown infinity of your being and synchronize with every action, thought and cell. Meditate and become aware of all sensations. Become aware that you are aware; aware that you are present and observing; aware that all that flows through you is not you; aware that you are created and creating in this moment; aware that each moment records your thoughts, acts and feelings as a ripple in infinity and for eternity. Before this vastness, become humble, joyous, contained, content and conscious. Rest in simplicity; practice alertness with a full heart, and bless all. Bless your Self; bless your friends and enemies; bless all that is known to you; bless all that is unknown. Be clear, crystal clear.


Neck and jaw adjustment

duration 32:26

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Healing Jaw Adjustment 2. Neck Series 3. Meditation To Make One Younger & Stop The Cycle Of Decay


Building the Nervous System

duration 1:00:31

This class is based on 3 kriyas that you can practice separately as well: 1. Kundalini Yoga Pranayama For the Parasympathetic Nervous System Through this meditation we can check our parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible to keep us through the odds of our life. Through it, the nervous system is balanced. This is a good kriya for ladies. 2. Kundalini Yoga for Building the Nervous System This kriya works on the brain, lymph nodes end removes calcium deposits from the shoulder area, and puts the body into proper alignment. 3. KY meditation for strong nerves Practice this meditation to gain a calm mind and strong nerves It will help protect you from irrationality.


Beginner's meditation #3

duration 21:36

Here is simple technique to get you started practicing meditation. In this meditation we will use sound.

camel riding.jpg

Basic spinal energy series

duration 47:36

Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine: to stay young, stay flexible. This series works systematically from the base of the spine to the top. All 26 vertebrae receive stimulation and all the chakras receive a burst of energy. This makes it a good series to do before meditation. Many people report greater mental clarity after regular practice of this kriya. A contributing factor is the increased circulation of the spinal fluid, which is crucially linked to having a good memory. 

sat kriya.jpg

Sat Kriya

duration 08:55

This is the queen of all Kundalini Yoga kriyas (a kriya is a concentrated form of yoga that has a very specific and powerful effect). It safely raises the Kundalini energy (Kundalini energy is the innate energy that resides within a person and is responsible for all creative and conscious growth in an individual). It balances the chakras (energy centers), rejuvenates the sexual system and helps the body and brain to recover from toxicity and memory loss due to drug abuse. It is good for removing energy imbalances in the three lower chakras and, as a result, is beneficial for problems in the lower back.


Silent clearing meditation

duration 11:50

It is a wonderful clearing meditation by itself or after another meditation when you are in that relaxed and still state of being, and you want to maintain that loving and peaceful space. This meditation is beneficial for all regions of the back.

yoga mudra.jpg

Finding my womanhood

duration 01:06:51

Cleansing, initiation, and manifistation! This class can help you to realize the power you have as a woman. If you can make your body physically standardaized and have the mental power to cover the standart of it, you can move anything. What is it that moves? Mind over body. It's a simple develpment. It's something you should not forget. If a female doesn't know how the mind can conquer and work on a body, she shall never be in the position to work on her own children. You must know how to move an object, and you must know how to convey the subject of the mammal called male. Yhese are the faculties and facilities given a female by God. But to do that, you need to understand Pursha in a neutral form. Men are not what you think they are. Men are not what their mothers thought they are, men are not what the envirinmants think they are. Man is a neutral identity. Whatever you as a woman reflect, that shall be.

palms together.jpg

The 4-4 Energizing Breath

duration 06:26

Do this at a break in the action of the game. It will relax and energize you, and help combat encroaching fatigue and excess emotionality. In games or sports it can rejuvenate coordination and spirit, and possibly avoid injury. This is a great quick pick up when you have only a few minutes. If you do it 2 or 3 times a day at strategic times (before meals, meetings, driving home, etc.) and when you begin to feel tired, you will notice a big difference in the way you feel. Do it between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. to avoid the late afternoon pass-out-syndrome.

spinal flex on heels.jpg

The physical Body Kriya for Self Healing

duration 24:12

This kriya has a purpose of good physical work out to clean deep levels of your subconscious from stress that we keep inside us.

breath right.jpg

Surya Kriya

duration 38:51

This kriya is named after the energy of the sun – surya. When you have a lot of “sun energy” you do not get cold, you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down. It aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action-oriented. The exercises systematically stimulate the positive praanic force and the kundalini energy itself. This should occasionally be in your regular sadhana practice to build the strength of your body and your ability to focus on many tasks.


Long Sat Nam

duration 09:40

This meditation is one of the basic meditations for raising the energy up your sushmana and cleansing your chakras. You can practice it as long as you like as a separate practice or in the end of another kriya.