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One of our retreat programs main principle is a combination of deep yoga practice and traveling. That is why we have chosen the best highlights for visiting around the North of Bali. Enjoy spectacular views during trekking to the most beautiful waterfalls, recharge your positivity during Dolphins Adventure Tour, relax in Holy Hot Springs, and receive purification and deep meditation experience at the hidden sacred waterfall that belongs to our family.

Dolphins Adventure Tour

The exclusive and unforgettable marine tour starts at 7 am when all boats start clearing out and you can enjoy watching dolphins without racing. Breakfast on the boat, chilling in hammocks, swimming in the open water, and snorkeling in the dolphin's area, and coral reef snorkeling on the way back. This fun half-day adventure tour will leave great impressions and is a very special experience.

Tour is included in:

Purification and Meditation at Holy Santhipala waterfall

This tour will bring you to a very special place for our family – Holy Santhipala Waterfall – that is supposed to be a healing and meditation center. Many powerful, spiritual people have visited this place and stayed for meditation. We would like to share with our guests the powerful energy of this place. We will conduct purification "7 chakras cleansing" ceremony and meditation at the waterfall. After that you will make a stop at the organic farm for the lunch.

Tour is included in:

Banjar Tour

Banjar village, located 8 km from Lovina, is famous because of the Holy Springs. The sulphuric water is of volcanic origin and has an agreeable warm temperature of 37 degrees Celcius, ideal for people suffering from rheumatic diseases. The hot spring water gushes from the mouths of eight stone carved dragon-like creatures into the oblong shaped upper pool.

The biggest in Buddhist monastery Brahmavihara Arama in Bali is located nearby. This is a very peaceful and beautiful destination, and you can enjoy your own meditation there.

Tour is included in:

Grand Lovina Tour

This day trip is the best sightseeing tour to discover the nature and culture of North Bali. The tour starts with trekking to Git-Git waterfall where you can swim. After that, you will visit the most beautiful and famous Hindu temple Ulun Danu at Beratan lake. The tour continues with trekking in the botanical garden, the largest in Indonesia. The area covers 157,5 hectares and it provides a collection of tropical plants, some of them are very rare and unique. On your way you will make few stops to see traditional fruit and flower markets, coffee plantations in Munduk and spectacular panoramic twin lakes view. Next stop we make at one ancient village where villagers still keep old traditions of handicraft production. Complete your trip by visiting the Buddhist temple and taking a bath at the hot springs.

The tour is included in: 

  • 8 Days Wellness Retreat with Balinese massage course in Bali

  • 8 Days Diving and Yoga Wellness Retreat in Bali

Menjangan Tour

Enjoy the beauty of marine life visiting the most amazing spot for snorkeling and diving in the whole Indonesia - Menjangan Island. Protected by the government, Menjangan Island is a part of National park and there are more than 100 unique species of corals. You can see many colorful fish, sea stars, and, if you are lucky, turtles and reef sharks.

The tour is included in: 

  • 8 Days Diving and Yoga Wellness Retreat in Bali

Lemukih Trekking Tour

This whole day trekking tour will lead you through scenic views of rainforest mountains and green rice terraces to one of the most breathtaking spots in Bali: the Fiji and Sekumpul waterfalls. The trail starts at Lemukih village where we will walk through rice terraces and along the river in unspoiled nature. From the hilltop viewpoint, you will enjoy a scenic view to the top of all three Fiji Waterfalls. The stunning Lemukih Trekking Tour is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture and the beautiful nature of North Bali.

Secret Garden Tour

Secret Garden trekking tour will bring you to the beautiful green hill area between Sambangan and Ambengan villages, where you will visit Blue Lagoon, Aling-aling, Kroya, and Pucuk waterfalls. You can do sliding, jumping, swimming and just enjoy the beauty of the stunning nature.

Tour is included in:

Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur volcano is one of the sacred mountains according to Hindu beliefs. Every day hundreds of tourists climb Batur to see spectacular sunrise on the top of the mountain. The trek starts early in the morning and will take around 2 hours walking until the sunrise viewpoint where you will have breakfast. After the trek is finished, we will invite you to visit Hot Springs. It will be so nice and relaxing after climbing Mount Batur.

Agung Sunrise Trekking

Mount Agung, towering over 2000 m above sea level, has a huge spiritual significance to the Balinese people and is home to the Mother Temple of Besakih, that you will visit after the trek.

Climbing Mount Agung is the "royal" descipline of climbing in Bali and requires a much higher level of fitness and mental discipline than Mount Batur.

Ijen Trekking

Ijen crater trek and the blue flame in East Java is an advanced adventure trek, so be sure that you are in a good physical shape to complete it. The initial hike up from the start point to the rim of the crater takes 60 to 90 minutes at a moderate pace to cover the 3km distance reaching an elevation of around 2,300 m. It takes an extra half an hour to descend into the crater to the lake’s edge where you can see the sulfur mining operation. The lake inside the crater is the world’s largest highly acidic crater lake, and many people hike down into the crater at night to see the ‘blue flame’ escape through cracks in the crater. Once you’ve reached the rim, you can hike a further 1.5kms north along a narrow trail through low bushland along the crater rim where you can watch the sunrise and take in some amazing views – including another view of the lake and surrounding area outside the crater which is relatively lush and forested compared to the more barren areas of the crater itself.

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