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Join our

22 Day Immersion Retreat
with Self-awareness Workshops and Sound Healing Course 

The best Wellness Retreat in Bali 2023


This program is ideal for those who seek a deeper spiritual insight and understanding of themselves, their yoga practice and the divine life journey.

Over 22 days, you will be guided through morning and evening yoga classes and be immersed in an abundance of teachings. You will participate in powerful workshops and reflective exercises and be introduced to new modalities and practices which you can integrate into your life and practice.

This retreat program is designed with intention to bring you into alignment with your highest self, shed outdated layers of being, challenge your beliefs, release your attachments and welcome you back into your own authenticity. You will learn tools which help you understand where you stand in your own way, and feel inspiration to adjust the direction of your life to honor your true self.

The program offers:

  • Regular Yoga and Meditation classes;

  • Self-awareness workshops for self investigation;

  • Self-awareness trainings;

  • Sound Healing Course;

  • Aroma psychology workshops.


Yoga & Meditation

You body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present.

This program includes a combination of active yoga and meditations. Morning sessions are based on Hatha yoga and focus on physical body awareness and acceptance. Evening classes offer more meditation techniques with  the purpose of emotional cleansing, calming down your mind, and developing virtues and skills.


Hatha Yoga

Many popular modern yoga styles arose from classic Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga means balance between the Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha) energies, possessing the power to transform you into a more balanced and strengthened being.


Hatha yoga is an ideal starting place for people who are new to yoga. One of the more challenging aspects of a yoga practice is combining movements with breathing control, or pranayama. Hatha yoga works on increasing flexibility and strength, improving breathing and calming down the mind. Hatha yoga purifies the body in preparation for meditation.

Kundalini Yoga


Discover your inner self through Kundalini yoga! This combination of movements, static positions, breathing, and meditations will help you reach a new level of awareness about all the blocks in your physical body.


Your body retains the memory of all your life experience, emotions of the past, traumas, and self-disconnection. Kundalini yoga is the best way to work on these memories and release whatever limits you. Practicing kriyas and meditations is a challenging experience - how deep you want to delve into it is always your choice. 


During the practice, you can experience a lot of resistance and tension, but passing through it will bring you to an inner world where you will meet with your soul, find answers to your questions, and discover your original personality. You will start to feel how your energy is moving, and you will understand that you are more than just a physical body. Attending Kundalini yoga classes and meditations will provide you with a deep spiritual experience you have never received.

Ancient Sound Healing at the Ancient Buddhist Temple


We invite you to a dive deeper into yourself with an Ancient Sound Healing Meditation in the oldest Buddhist Temple in Bali, dated 9th century.


Sound Healing is a powerful way to reduce stress and calm the mind, allowing you to sink into deep states of relaxation. Usage of different ancient instruments will trigger different emotions inside you. It will be your personal journey, that will give you awareness about your inner state and will help release deep subconscious blocks.

The practice of sound healing uses sound waves and harmonic vibrations that affect the body through different tones and instruments, including the human voice. These specific sounds help to harmonize our brainwaves through a technique called entrainment. Entrainment stabilizes fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency with which the brain can synchronize. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves and facilitate a shift from our normal brain state to relaxed levels of consciousness, which is where deep healing can occur. We typically operate in beta brain states and sound healing can move us into theta and delta brain states. These brain states are associated with the unconscious, deep relaxation and a connection to the universe.

Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing Meditations


You will learn how to restore the energy flows in the entire energy system through the chakras balancing meditation techniques. Each instrument is powerful enough to balance the entire human’s energy system. During the course you will get an experience of some of the following meditation techniques:


Ananda Mandala

Ananda Mandala meditation activates all of the chakras, including the heart (love) and throat (communication) chakras. In so doing, this meditation gives you a powerful opportunity to share your experience with others. 

The most powerful way to practice this meditation is in a group, sitting in a circle, holding hands. Alternatively, it can be practiced with a partner, sitting facing each other, holding hands. If others are not available to practice with, Ananda Mandala meditation can be done by yourself as well.

Vowel Meditation

Our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument - and it's free! You will explore how to use vowel sounds to tone and balance the chakras. This practice has been widely used in ancient cultures and is today integrated into many spiritual practices throughout the world. As a daily practice, vocal toning is one of the most simple, easy and effective therapeutic tools you can use.

Color Meditation

Color meditation involves focusing on each of your chakras and their color vibration in order to bring about balance in your mind and body; promoting healing and peace of mind.

Bija Mantra Meditation

A bija mantra is a single-syllable sound that can be used in meditation to cultivate health, vitality, and inspiration. In Sanskrit, “bija” translates to “seed.”  So when you practice meditation using bija mantras, it is like watering the seeds of your highest purpose to bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance—and to create harmony with your environment.

Meditation on Scent

Very often, scent is used to enhance experiences and practices such as meditation, but scent itself is rarely the focus of such activities. The aim of this session is to give participants the opportunity to meditate on a series of essential oil fragrances, and explore their effects on the psyche.



The most important conversations you'll ever have are the ones you'll have with yourself.

We all are playing the Game of Life. We are wearing different masks and showing a wide range of emotions.


Where is the original you?

What is serving you and what is draining your energy?

All answers are inside us, we just need to realize our own wisdom.


Self-awareness Leela Game

The Leela Game has been used for many centuries to clear up negative mental tendencies and develop a higher conscience. Playing this game opens the awareness of the mind patterns and allows one to change his life and destiny. It is not simply a game, but a transformative psychological and spiritual practice.

In just a few hours of play, you may learn MORE about yourself than you would learn during a long period of spiritual or psychological practice. You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, you will expand your perception, and your consciousness, and you will discover and eliminate stereotypes, thinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you.


During this game you will search for a deeper understanding of:

  • What is happening in my life "here and now"?

  • Where and why am I stuck?

  • What obstacles are preventing me from achieving my goals?

  • How do I change my life to have more clarity, awareness, and harmony?

  • What exactly and how should I change?

  • Who steals (takes away) energy from my journey of life?

  • Where to find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve my goals?​

Points of You Coaching Game

Every thing - people, objects, situations, music, tastes - every little thing in life has countless points of view. The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of our sight.


Change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspectives. Being aware and fully present is the first step toward shifting our point of view, and in effect, toward personal, professional and even organizational development.


A cornerstone of the Points of You method is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain, and the left brain, focused on logic and analysis. The games are based on associative links between photograph, theme and the issue we have chosen. This unique inner motion creates a new response, resulting in emotions and insights that are new to our mind and heart.

Osho Tarot Cards Personal Reading

Osho Card reading provides an all-encompassing perspective from the position of the Creator. When a situation can be observed from above, from divine level, we are gifted with profound clarity and fresh insight. This provides a deeper understanding and a broader consciousness, shaped by the accumulation of wisdom from spiritual teachers of the millennia. This itself leads to its own truth that lives deep within us, awakening intuition and inner power.


Generally, we are accustomed to considering our life situations from a logical point of view, similar to how we approach survival. We respond and act mostly automatically. Alternatively, Osho cards invite us to change habits, see new opportunities and find a way out of existing predicaments.


During a personal consultation, analyzing any situation in your life in detail and from such an angle can help you understand it and find long-sought answers, seeing possibilities you had not seen before. Unprecedented pathways open up and it becomes much easier to find the right solution. It is beautifully unusual, new and bold, and can be the beginning of radical change. Cultivating this outlook as a habit in your life welcomes clarity, trust, inner knowledge and can lead you to the correct direction in life. 

Metaphorical Cards Personal Session

Metaphorical associative cards extract the thoughts and feelings of a person from his subconscious, uncovering the real motives of his actions and the causes of problems. During this practice, you will meet your unconscious and dive into yourself. After identifying the problem, you will create an intention for the healing by establishing the desired situation and the steps you must make in order to achieve the particular results.

Your request for the metaphorical cards can be connected to:

  • Problems in your relationship (existing or lack of relationship);

  • Life case that you want to change;

  • Problem of choice;

  • Financial difficulties;

  • Career;

  • Health problems, etc.

Personal Numerology Reading by Your Birthday

Numerology reading will help you discover what you must break through in order to be successful in your relationships with yourself and with others. You will also receive the key to living a fulfilled life by understanding who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time.


Tantric Numerology is a simple, useful tool for understanding one's strengths and weaknesses and for working on the weaknesses and utilizing the strengths more effectively. If you are aware of a weakness or imbalance in one particular area of your energy structure, you can focus on strengthening and balancing that part using the tools of Yoga and meditation.


Self-awareness trainings

Anyone who stops learning grows old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Immerse yourself into the world of self-awareness through the methods you will experience with us; learning them will bring a deeper, profound understanding.

If you are a spiritual leader or holistic coach, you will absolutely expand your knowledge and practice by learning to use these amazing tools.

Points of You Coaching Game

After completing a training workshop, you will be able to:

  • help a person to understand his thoughts and points of view, using these or other associate cards;

  • provide personal and group guidance to help others understand themselves;

  • see more clearly the situation in which they are trapped, because of their attitude;

  • help reduce tension and stress;

  • understand people’s emotions, from where they come, what to do with them, and how to solve problems;

  • develop a broader, more conscious approach;

  • facilitate communication by adopting a different approach from each other;

  • facilitate self-expression, help unleash creativity;

  • bring more playfulness, lightness, simpler approach.

Osho Tarot Cards Reading

During the training on how to use Osho cards, you will learn to analyze different life situations in several different ways.
Each way will open many possibilities for understanding, seeing, perceiving and knowing. You will discover the voice of intuition and how to understand any situation correctly to overcome the obstacles you see today as a immovable.

Sat Nam Rasayan Energy Healing Workshop

You will learn energy healing technique Sat Nam Rasayan. Learning this technique will help you:

  • to feel and provide the energy flow on your classes;

  • to feel other people and their energy state;

  • to improve your intuition and open your third eye vision;

  • to create a safe healing space that can benefit your clients in any sphere of your work.


Sound healing course

In sound we are born, in sound we are healed.

Learn to work with the resonant vibrations of healing sounds. 

The ancient art of sound therapy will be introduced to you in this course.

Sound Healing is a powerful way to reduce stress and calm the mind, allowing practitioners to sink into deep states of relaxation – which sounds like something that would be amazing to add to your yoga class!

During the Sound Healing Course you will learn:

  • How sound changes the frequency of your brain;

  • Different types of sound healing instruments;

  • How to use them for deep relaxation and healing;

  • How to use instruments in group and individual sessions;

  • How to perform a sound massage for a person correctly;

  • How to use your voice and combine voice, sound, words and instruments to help a person deeply relax and recover, rejuvenate;

  • How to integrate instruments into nidra yoga and savasana.


Aroma psychology

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.

Immerse yourself in your inner world and find out what secrets you are hiding from yourself.

The purpose of aromapsychology is not only to find the problem, but also to provide a ready-made elixir for the normalization of physical and psychological health.

Aroma Psychology 

Aroma psychology is a technique that allows you to determine the characteristics of a person's psycho-emotional state, answering many questions related to you. If most of the time you live in captivity of negative emotions, depression, irritability, you cannot find yourself and your purpose, you want to improve your life and open streams of abundance in all areas, then Aroma Psychology is for you.

Your subconscious mind will choose exactly those essential oils that can destroy negative attitudes and open the way to harmonize your life. Based on the results of Aroma diagnostic, an individual resource blend will be created to be used within 21 days.

Essential oils have access to the limbic system of the brain, also called the "emotional brain," where the feelings and emotions of difficult and traumatic situations that we cannot control nor put in order using help of self-control or reason are blocked and stuck. These blockages negatively affect our health, relationships and destiny.

Essential oils are able to penetrate the limbic brain and break down those blocks that keep you from being happy. Scents have a subconscious or unconscious effect on our mental states, help to show more positive personality traits, and therefore make us happier. This is an amazing tool of self-knowledge for talking with your subconscious and Soul, thanks to which you will receive answers to exciting questions that are hidden in ourselves.

Your experience on the retreat will include participation in:

  • Essential Key aroma psychological transformative game;

  • Chakra Balancing workshop;

  • Aroma diagnostic workshop.


Aroma Resource


This aroma diagnostic workshop is many times more effective than any psychological training.


It will transform your hidden talents, revealing the ease of getting what you want.


During the workshop, your resource blend will be created as an ally to achieve your goals.


The effect of the game is equal to the effect of being in the place of power.


After this workshop you will receive an extraordinary attraction - allowing you to easily attract money for your goals, a beloved man, a good job, a child, or the opportunity to live the life that you desire.


Chakra Balancing


You choose intuitively where you experience imbalance and find the essential oil that will give you a source of energy to work with your destructive emotions or mental blocks.


In the end of the game you will get a chakra balancing kit that you may bring home and can continue the process of healing.

During the game you will conduct some self-awareness tasks and chakra balancing practices that will give you an understanding of where in your life you experience negative emotions and how to transform them into positive attitudes.


Spiritual messages that you pick up during the game will guide farther on your life path.


Essential Key


Essential Key Game will give you an awareness about the areas of your life which need improvement: Health, Relationships, Self-realization, Prosperity, Communication, Vision, Spirituality, and Destiny.


You can enter with a particular question or you can be guided by an intuitive choice. 

Collect wisdom cards and essential oils and create a comprehensive picture of what you must improve in order to achieve your goals.

In addition to a personal blend, you will get a Guardian Angel card with personal affirmation for meditation.

SPA Treatments


Learn how to relax. Santhika Retreat provides 8 SPA treatments during your stay to show you how easily you can treat yourself and receive love and care from other people!


6 Full Body Massages

1,5 h


SPA for Detox

2 h


Queen/King Treatment

2,5 h

Excursions to the Places of Power


Dicover healing power of the NATURE! Santhika Retreat has prepared the best unforgettable tours to the most beautiful spots in the North of Bali for you. Every trip is a journey into your heart.


What emotions can you find in each location?

What source of energy will you get at these PLACES OF POWER?




Our highlight tour is to the secret and holy Santhipala Waterfall, where we will conduct Malukat - a purification ceremony to clean your body, mind, and spirit.

Surrounded by powerful nature, we will practice meditations for 5 elements and chakra balancing, and for karma cleansing.

We will have lunch in the middle of beautiful rice fields at the organic farm.

At the end of the trip you will visit one of the most beautiful Buddhist Temples in the Papuan area with a huge sleeping Buddha stature.




Only on the northern coast of Bali can you find the unique and unforgettable experience of watching dolphins up close in the wild without harming them!

The tour starts in the morning, a bit later than sunrise, avoiding most tourists who usually combine this trip with sunrise and are on their way out. 

An amazing experience is waiting for you as you get into the water and swim with the dolphins, holding onto a strip of the boat for security. 

Hot springs.png



Your mind will pause immediately once you enter the holy space of the biggest Bali Buddhist Temple, Brahma Vihara. It is a wonderful place to meditate!

The Pagoda of the Temple is a replica of the world's largest Buddhist archeological site, Borobudur.

The Holy Hot Springs are located nearby. You can swim in the hot baths, experience hydromassage, and bring deep relaxation and healing into your body.




If you like nature and adventure, you will love this tour, especially since the way down and up is not so easy.

The hiking tour leads you through scenic views on rain forest mountains and green rice terraces to the most breathtaking spots in Bali: the Fiji and Sekumpul Waterfalls.

Here, the energy of Nature will amaze you. You will feel the power of the waterfalls and will recharge your own energy!

white sandy beach 2.jpg



This tour will bring you to the West of the Northen coast, to Pemuteran beach where you can snorkel around a bio rock and view a coral restoration project.

After lunch, you will continue your way to the West to the most beautiful beach in the North - the White Sandy Beach with a crystal blue sea.

During the day you will make a few stops to visit Pulaki Temple with many monkeys, a turtle temple on the beach, and a cave temple.



  • Two-way airport transfer in Bali;

  • 21 nights accommodation at the Retreat Center;

  • 3 daily meals food package + non-alcohol beverages;

  • Yoga and meditation classes;

  • Ancient Sound Healing in the ancient Buddhist Temple;

  • Personal numerology reading;

  • Participation in Leela Game (one entry);

  • Osho cards personal reading + training workshop;

  • Points of You cards group game + training workshop;

  • Metaphorical cards personal session;

  • Energy Healing workshop;

  • 12 hours Sound Healing Course;

  • 3 Aroma Psychological Games participation + creation of individual essential oil blends accordingly to the results of the games;

  • Outdoor Yoga tour to Santhipala waterfall;

  • 6 relaxing massages;

  • 2 long SPA treatments;

  • Dolphins adventure tour;

  • Pemuteran tour;

  • Lemukih adventure trekking;

  • Banjar tour;

  • Balinese cultural activities in the evenings.

What is not included:

  • Flight expenses;

  • Visa on arrival;

  • Extra SPA treatments;

  • Extra tours;

  • Alcohol beverages; 

  • Laundry service;

  • Personal expenses.

Important information:

To arrive in Indonesia you must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Travelers from many countries can enter Bali with a visa on arrival (VOA), while some may require advance planning. Please contact us to inquire if you should apply for an e-visa in advance or if you can arrive with VOA. 

Dream Hill

Single room

(shared bathroom)


Dream Hill

Single room

(private bathroom)


Dream Hill

Twin/double room

(shared bathroom)

(2 pax) $6,000

Dream Hill

Deluxe bungalow

(1 pax) $3,500

(2 pax) $6,250


Standard room

(1 pax) $3,500

(2 pax) $6,250

(3 pax) $9,100

Santhiku Hotel

Superiour room

(1 pax) $3,700

(2 pax) $6,450

(3 pax) $9,300


23 Days vs 23 Years

I registered for this yoga retreat with the aim of progressing in terms of practice and to acquire a higher knowledge about the philosophy of life associated with it. I actually discovered and experienced much more than that and than I could imagine. The place is magical, magnificent and relaxing, and the workshops and activities offered are also incredible and have allowed me to make a 20 years step in my life in terms of personal development. If you are enough openminded and ready to face your blockages (whether conscious or unconscious) with the desire to understand them in order to overcome them, this retreat is made for you. You really have to live it to understand it. I would like to thank all the team and staff who were incredible during this stay, including Mira who was brilliant in accompanying us along this retreat and and who has incredible human qualities. Finally, I would like to thank Ana for everything she was able to bring me. She is a woman with a big heart, with a very strong energy, who shares her knowledge and who excels in her field. Thank you life for putting me on her path and for giving me this experience. I can only advise you to go there with your eyes closed.

Magic of Dream Hill

Although one word won't be enough to describe my extraordinary experience at Dream Hill, I would still call it MAGIC! ✨
This retreat brought me much more than what I was looking for. I came in particular to practice yoga and in addition to having improved in this area and benefited from a real letting go in this magical, calm, restful and soothing place, I found answers, confirmations to questions I was asking myself. This allowed me to take a real break by refocusing on myself, on nature, on sharing. This retreat helped me understand myself better, guided me on the path of spirituality and allowed me to recharge the batteries of positive energy! 🌞
Through the many workshops, I learned to listen to myself better, to understand myself, to accept myself. Following this retreat, I also felt a feeling of calm, inner calm, an improvement in my creativity.
I therefore thank my teachers, whom I admire, for having made these workshops so enriching and interesting. I learned a lot from you and you are both true models of success, a source of light and radiation that does good. 🪷
I will never forget this stay and I am extremely grateful to the whole team who made it possible and to whom I extend my gratitude. SUKSUMA

Shower with a bunch of tools

Thank you so so so much for everything. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to learn from you. You helped me see a ton of things I need to work on and showed me a bunch of tools to guide me there. While I was there I didn’t give myself enough time to process everything but now I see how I was holding myself back. You’re doing truly incredible work at Dream Hill. Hope to see you soon! Good luck with everything! Thank you so very much again!

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