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Scent Psychology Game Essential Key

Offline game with personal aroma blend creation

  • 70 Dolar Amerika Serikat
  • Santhika Dream Hill Retreat Center

Service Description

Aromatherapy will give you a magic of essential keys that you can use in your daily life. Aromatherapy is a technique that allows you to determine the characteristics of a person's psychoemotional state. This is the answer to many questions related to you. If most of the time you live in captivity of negative emotions, depression, irritability, you cannot find yourself and your purpose, you want to improve your life and open streams of abundance in all areas, then this diagnosis is for you. Your subconscious mind will choose exactly those essential oils that can destroy negative attitudes and open the way to harmonize your life. Based on the results of Aromatherapy, individual fragrances will be created, which are important to use within 30-40 days. Essential oils have access to the limbic system of the brain, also called the "emotional brain." It is there that the feelings and emotions of difficult and traumatic situations that we cannot control and which we cannot put in order either with the help of self-control or with the help of reason are blocked and stuck. But they negatively affect our health, relationships and destiny. Essential oils are able to penetrate the limbic brain and break down the blocks that keep you from being happy. Fragrances have a subconscious or unconscious effect on our mental states, help to show more positive personality traits, and therefore make us happier. This is an amazing tool of self-knowledge for talking with your subconscious and Soul, thanks to which you will receive answers to exciting questions that are hidden in ourselves.

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Payment is not refundable if you cancel less than 12 hours before the class.

Contact Details

  • Santhika Dream Hill Retreat Center, Kaliasem, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia


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