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Creative Clarity

We sat, as usual, in a room overloaded with mezzanines. The cuckoo clock counted down to five minutes to five. We pretended to be friends again.

- Heart, you talk too much, - again the Brain blew.

- Yes, but you never listen to me, sir, - answered the Heart, - you are too busy self-eating, complaining about fatigue and do not see anything around because of your blinkered eyes. I am also tired, I would like to regain strength. The adrenal glands completely stopped secreting the hormones of falling in love with life.

We're trying to deal with stress. We don't have time for your love or this happiness. And so we work for wear and tear, - the adrenal glands finally finished off the dull situation.

The conversation became cyclical, it was repeated from day to day. Everyone complained without offering solutions.

Suddenly, a stranger appeared in the living room. It was like the first spring rays of the sun. In it, at first sight, one could feel the passion of the evening sea tide and the energy of Olympic victories. He walked measuredly across the room, leaving a fragrant plume behind him, and sat down at the table.

“Hello, my name is Basil,” the guest said confidently.

The Heart stopped chatting, and for the first time the nervousness left the room. The adrenal glands reacted first and energetically ran around the room in search of a cup.

- Very nice, Mr. Basil! Now I will make a cup of coffee for you.

- It's not worth it, I reduce the amount of caffeine consumed and generally try to rid myself and others of toxic habits.

The Brain pushed last year's newspaper aside and carefully examined the guest. He felt a desire to learn new things and revisit old attitudes. He even decided to listen to the Heart for the first time.

Basil made small talk with everyone, endowing everyone with forgotten strength and youth. He seemed to give new confidence in one’s self and tomorrow.

Finally, the tea break brought relaxation, not stress, and filled everyone with productivity. The sun outside the window began to shine brighter and the desire to stop drinking and smoking came. Even on Fridays.

Are you feeling like life is out of your control?

Are you trying to ward off negative thinking, negative people, and/or negative situations?

Know that you are safe and sound. Take time to go withing and call upon the royalty within you to reign over your destiny. When you embrace your personal power, you will transform your life.

Use Basil essential oil to awaken your connection with your guides and angels and remember spiritual abundance.

Blocks: Anxiety, fatigue, fatigue, exhaustion, overwork, low self-esteem, self-discipline, narrow-mindedness.

Transformation: Energy, renewal, rejuvenation, relaxation, fullness of strength, self-confidence and self-confidence, new horizons.

Affirmation for mediation:

I am the ruler of my own kingdom.

I express my personal power with grace.

I have clarity.

If I become distracted, I easily refocus my efforts.

I see life from the greater perspective.

I am safe and sound.

It is important that for vibrational healing you use only real high quality oils. That is why we require to purchase them only from our recommended supplier:

Physical uses

  • Use Basil oil to increase your prosperity and entrepreneurial abilities.

  • Because it promotes clear thinking, basil supports your ideas and the know-how to bring them into reality.

  • Use basil to achieve success in business.

  • It is beneficial to deflect negative challenges and helps to maintain focus on following a good plan of action.

Emotional uses

  • Basil is helpful for gaining an understanding of why you feel the way you do during times of confusing, raging emotions.

  • It relaxes the feeling that others are causing your emotional distress and bring the reins of your emotions back into your own hands to aid in reclaiming emotional control and balance.

  • Basil can help you expand your ability to set boundaries and amplify your personal power.

  • Basil promotes courage and confidence.

Mental uses

  • Basil aids in mental clarity and memory improvement.

  • Basil oil helps to shift the way you think about yourself regarding your self-worth and your ability to lead and make great achievements.

  • Employ the law of attraction and use basil to increase your belief in your ability to attract great wealth.

  • Basil untangles chaotic thoughts and sheds light on confusing circumstances and complex situations.

Spiritual uses

  • Basil can be used to help you remember spiritual abundance and awaken your connection with protective guides and angels.

  • Use basil as an ingredient in a protection blend to ward off jealousy.

  • It can be used as part of a synergistic blend to help facilitate past-life memories for the purpose of awakening your consciousness in this lifetime.

  • It helps you to bring awareness to your soul's evolutionary process.

  • For a past-life blend, use it with complementary oils, including lemon and rosemary, to heighten mental clarity and memory.

Visualize how you or your life look like in Abundance and Prosperity. Color the drawing with your favorite colors. Put your intention to create energy, renewal, rejuvenation, relaxation, fullness of strength, self-confidence, new horizons.

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