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Abundance and Prosperity

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Normally people expert and successful in a certain thing worked very hard but are in pain. The earthly and spiritual must be in balance. Otherwise they will never be happy. - Yogi Bhajan

Where do I feel lack?

Do I have plenty of food, water, and financial stability?

Are there helpful people in my life?

Take time to uncover how and why you feel like you don’t have enough or that there isn’t plenty for you and those around you. Be as specifc as possible. Once you’ve identifed the lack, incorporate self-awareness practices that will help you see how you can improve the situation. You will receive motivation to take action to change your reality – or your perception of reality.


Start regular practice Meditation to Create Prosperity.

"This mantra is to fix the mental to prosperity or power. It will produce money, it will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come..."

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose. The hands are grasped tightly in front of the heart center in Bear Grip - the fingers of each hand interlocked, the left hand faces forward, the right hand faces the chest. The forearms are parallel to the ground.

Eyes: Eyes are one-tenth open and focused the tip of the nose

Mental focus: The entire mantra is repeated on a single breath. The tone is a relaxed monotone that varies in emphasis automatically as you proceed through the stages of the mantra.

Time: 11 to 31 minutes.

Mantra: The mantra contains the eight facets of God (Universe) that we all have to deal with:

HAR HAR HAR HAR GOBINDAY one who sustains us

HAR HAR HAR HAR MUKHANDAY one who liberates us

HAR HAR HAR HAR UDAARAY one who uplifts us


HAR HAR HAR HAR HAREEANG one who does everything

HAR HAR HAR HAR KAREEANG by whose grace everything is done

HAR HAR HAR HAR NIRNAMAY nameless and desireless.

HAR HAR HAR HAR AKAAMAY encompasses all

Download to audio clip here.

"Har" is the 'shakti yog' power mantra. Har is the original God. The repetitions of Har give power to all aspects, and provide the power to break down the barriers and the past.

It is important to balance energies of Abundance and Prosperity also on different chakra levels. If you want to know more about chakra meditations for prosperity, sign up for ONLINE retreat "10 STEPS TO ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY".

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Metaphorical Cards

Metaphoric associative cards extract from the subconscious thoughts and feelings of a person, the real motives of his actions and the causes of problems. You will meet your unconscious, dives into yourself. After identification of the problem, you will create an intention for the healing, by establishing the desired situation and the steps you have to make in order to achieve the particular results.

Today you are going to try a sample session to discover a SECRET OF ABUNDANCE.

  • First read a question, to which the picture is related: your subconsciousnes will be activated.

  • Then look at the card and describe what you can see at the picture.

It is always better to write down your thoughts to fix on the paper the particular parttens that will come out from your subconsciousness.

  • Then try to understand how your description reflects the answer to your question.

What is blocking well-being?

What is blocking well-being?

What Resources Will Help Attract Abundance?

What Resources Will Help Attract Abundance?