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Leela Game has been used for many centuries for clearing up negative mental tendencies and developing a higher conscience. Playing this game opens the awareness of the mind patterns and as a result  can change your life and destiny. It is not a simple game, but a transformative psychological and spiritual practice.

In a few hours of play, you may learn MORE than you would during years of spiritual or psychological practices. You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, you will expand your perception, and your consciousness, and discover and eliminate stereotypes, thinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you.


During this game you will develop a deeper understanding of:

  • What's going on in my life "here and now"?

  • Where and why am I stuck?

  • What obstacles are preventing me from achieving my goals?

  • How do I achieve more clarity, awareness, and harmony?

  • What and how should I change?

  • Who drains my energy in the journey of life?

  • Where can I find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve my goals?​

Price: 108 USD / person.

Price is given for a game. One on-line session can't exceed 3 hours. If you can't complete the game in one session, another online session will be scheduled for you.

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7 Days 25-hours 

Yoga and Meditation Retreat


"The masters of our own space

I honestly find it hard to find the words, to sum up this experience. I did the 7 day detox vinyasa and kundalini retreat, and I absolutely recommend it- 7 days gives you the chance to fully relax into the activities and space. For me, I was able to develop my yoga and meditation practice, but also self-awareness and reflection. Anna and Veronika (and the warm staff from Dream Hill and Santhika) create a safe space to explore yourself outside normal life. I was often out of my comfort zone but loved every moment. I recommend going with an intention to say YES to every opportunity. I booked a private single room, which was brilliant- its 'cosy' but with a phenomenal view. I do second the others who have said bring good earplugs- you can hear the whole city. It was only solo travels while I was there, coming and going at different times, so you get to make new bonds and connections as time goes. I also would encourage you to do a little reading about kundalini yoga and the chakra system before you come- I did this, and it allowed me to jump straight it. You can choose how much you want to delve into the experience, and I am glad I jumped straight in. I feel full of life. Thank you for absolutely everything!"

"Do yourself a favour and book it! 

I had such a lovely time on the yoga retreat! The tours were amazing, the yoga had such variety and I learnt so much. I wanted for nothing. It was the perfect break for a mum of three travelling alone! The staff were wonderful and so were all the people met who were diverse and so lovely. I’m not a full-time yogi, but asanas were adjusted for me, and the meditation was beyond words. Do yourself a favour and book it! Thank you so much for everything!"

"Beautiful experience yet!

I specifically came for yoga and meditation and at the end of my trip, I was positively calm and relaxed and realized how much this retreat has helped me to slow down with life and mostly work. Anna and Veronika both have impacted me with their teachings and I am really thankful I found them. I appreciate the morning pranayama and evening kundalini yoga routine the most. The tours and people I met were an added bonus for me. The tours were exceptional and well organized. The outdoor yoga at Santhipala waterfalls was the highlight of my yoga experience. The place is beautiful and I felt a sense of spiritual calmness. The staff was VERY helpful. The climb to dream hills was a daily struggle but enough to make me realized how strong-minded the staff there when it comes to going to work daily!"

"Best experience ever

Being the age of 58 and not a regular yogi I found it very challenging (especially the 99 steps up)and the meditation was unbelievable clearing a lot of old emotions The gong medication was unreal experience to the day trips, night time activities Most of all the beautiful group of girls from all over the world who included me in everything and made me laugh again and looked after me to the amazing staff who looked after us for the week beautiful special people Thank you Anna for what you gave created."

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