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We would like to encourage you to practice yoga regulary. Only constant discipline will help you to achieve visible results, whatever your intention is. However, you can live far away from group yoga classes, have lack of time or finance, can't find "your teacher", don't know with what to start or what to do, would like to deepen your knowledge, have been to our retreats and would like to continue practicing with guidance of our team, or are going to come to our center, but still it's not possible due to any reason... If it's something that is about you, you are welcome to join our on-line courses.

Our main intention is that anybody, wherever you are based, can join our course and start it at any time, building personal schedule for practicing, and being able to continue your yoga after the course is complete. That's why the main accent is made on comprehensive handouts and pre-recorded video lessons. However, we would like to be involved in the process, guide you through the course and support in challenges. All courses include personal intercommunication and individual on-line consultations. That is the most important motto of our center - personal approach.

After you complete the course, we will provide you with personal recommendations for further practice. You can join another course, or request extra pre-recorded single classes according to your own intention. Check also our Library with video classes.


15 Days ONLINE Yoga and Meditation Retreat "7 Points of You" with Self-awareness Leela Game



How often do you look at yourself and your life from different points of view? Are you aware that the same case in the eyes of different people looks different? Have you ever made connection between your emotions and your physical state? Would you like to look deeper into yourself and investigate different points of you, that will help you to find inner balance? Then this self-awareness program is for you!

During this course we will work through yoga and meditation to bring awareness of our physical state: where you feel tension, pain, blocked, and heavy; what emotions you experience by practicing particular asanas, movements, or meditations; where you feel disorder and disbalance...

Our mind usually disturbs us a lot, when we try to concentrate or relax. But what if we can use it to be more aware about what we feel and where we are stuck? Let's make your mind acts on your side to help you identify 7 Points of You that keep you in stuck in your life and 7 Points of You that support you on the path.

Every thing: people, objects, situations, music, tastes… every little thing in life has countless points of view. The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of our sight. Change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspectives, new points of view. Being aware and fully present is the first step toward shifting our point of view, and in effect – toward personal, professional and even organizational development.
A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain, and the left brain, focused on logic and analysis. The games are based on associative links between photograph, theme and the issue we have chosen. This unique inner motion creates a new response, resulting in emotions and insights that are new to our mind and heart.

At the final step you will come to the point when the main question for your life will be established. It is time to ask the ancient wisdom to guide you and give you answers during participation in self-awareness Leela Game ONLINE

Leela Game has been used for many centures for clearing up negative mind tendencies and developing higher conscience. Playing this game opens the awareness of the mind patterns and due to this one can change his life and destiny. It is not a simple game but a transformative psychological and spiritual practice. In a few hours of play, you may learn MORE than you would learn during a long period of spiritual or psychological practices.
You will find out where and how you are limiting yourself, you will expand your perception, your consciousness, discover and eliminate stereotypes, thinking patterns, and subconscious programs that constrain you.
During this game you will go in deeper understanding of:

  • what's going on in my life "here and now"?

  • where and why am I stuck?

  • what obstacles are preventing me from achieving my goals?

  • how to change your life to have more clarity, awareness, harmony?

  • what exactly and how should I change?

  • who steals (takes away) energy for the journey of life?

  • where to find the strength to accumulate energy to achieve your goals?​

Daily schedule and how to work with the tools we offer:

  1. Every day you will receive scripts that will explain you the topic of the day, will bring you awareness "WHY" and will give some insights for your further work.

  2. Every morning we recommend you to start with a yoga session that is assosiated with a particular topic of the day. You will get prerecorded video classes, so you cn manage your own time for practice.

  3. During the day you will receive a TASK designed accordingly to the Points of You approach. You have to look at the picture and write your assosiations with it, read a short story about this picture, and come to a resumer what all these mean for you, and how it reflects in you in the terms of the topic of the day.

  4. Every evening we will offer you a short meditation that is also connected to the topic of the day.

  5. During first week we will look at 7 points of you that create disbalance. And during second week we will find out 7 points of you that give you support.

  6. The final of the program is ONLINE self-awareness game Leela. For every person duration of the game will be different. The game should be finished not depending on the time it will take. Daily session will take maximum 3 hours. If you need more time to complete the game, we will meet on another day again. 

ONLY 299   USD/person


6 Weeks ONLINE Course 

Yoga for Beginners.

How to Start and Make It Your Every Day Routine.

Usually people have a lot of concerns and fears about their physical state and are afraid to make a first step. Some people have doubts what style they would like and what will work for them to solve their problems.

In this course, we are going to introduce to you a way to start your practice and make it your everyday routine. It is so easy that you will be so proud about yourself and you will like it from the first day. It is absolutely for everyone who can move with arms and legs. For any gender, any age, any physical state. Of cause depends on how stiff you are, some positions and exercises can be challenging in the beginning, but who said that life is easy? Try your best, and in 6 weeks you will already see the results!

The course has 6 topics that describe the basic fundamentals of yoga and the most common issues of our everyday lifestyle. They are:

  1. Breath – first step to practice yoga

  2. Cleansing & detoxification

  3. Chakras & energy structure

  4. Heal yourself through yoga

  5. Yoga for really good night’s sleep

  6. Start your day with yoga


For investigation of each topic, you will:

  • Read lectures

  • Get Handouts

  • Watch Video content

To experience every topic it will take approximately one week, if you spend for the course 1-1,5 hours a day.

Every topic starts with some theory. As it’s always difficult to listen to someone and keep concentration for a long time; as it’s very important that you can easily come back to content and remind yourself about some basics; as not everyone has perfect English and needs you look for some words to understand everything correctly; to make it easier, all the basic theory and explanations you will receive in handouts, so you can use them through all your studying and afterwards without watching videos again and again.


The first part of every topic will give you a general understanding about different points for what you can use yoga in your common life.

After that we will move to the practice! Experience – is the best way to understand yoga. Everyone will receive his own experience, and I will expect that you would like to share it. If you have any questions you can ask them as well.

Inside each topic, we will have different types of practice. It can be a few exercises that I would like to recommend you for your everyday practice in terms of particular topic; it can be sequence of breathing exercises; it can be sequences of dynamic exercises; or static meditation. For each practice, you will get written handouts and video recordings how to do it. 

Useful extras inside the course:

  • Yummy yogi recipes for heathy yogi diet

  • Video guidance how to make foot massage from Balinese Healer


These sets of exercises and meditations, with their titles, comments and claims have been chosen according to personal experience of an author of this course and recommendations that were given in the Tool Kit for Teaching Beginners by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa, based on teaching of Yogi Bhajan ©. They are not offered in substitution for medical advice or treatment. Best results will be obtained by exercising common sense and body awareness in the practice of yoga, and supplementing it with a regular exercise program.


If you have any injuries, chronic disease, or current illnesses, ask advice from your doctor about restrictions for practice.

Follow your sensations and apply efforts without harming your body and psych.

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Learn how to breath correctly;

Get breathing exercises for:

  • Blood cleansing;

  • Energizing;

  • Breath cleansing;

  • Balancing your energy;

  • Self-healing;

  • Good sleep.

ONLY $49.9



You are invited to the transformational game of self-knowledge LEELA.


What is it about:

Conventionally, we call this experience, a journey into our inner world, into our subconsciousness, and the acquisition of ancient knowledge - a game.

In fact, this is a very deep process of introspection, self-knowledge that occurs differently for each person on the field of this "game".

There are 72 cells or fields on the playground. Each of them contains information and ancient wisdom.

Accompanied by an experienced guide who helps to adapt the information of the field to any human situation and helps to resolve it, find clarity and answers for yourself.

Join the game if it resonates to you:

Doubt, lack of clarity, confusion, uncertainty.


At the same time, be ready to accept information and implement changes into your life, be open and trustful. 

This will lead to an awareness of how and where to move, help you find your strengths, expand your worldview, reveal your personal potential, discover obstacles and find, discover opportunities.

It is a deep personal look at everyone's situation but in a creative and playful way.

Duration of the game is unpredictable, and it can take a few hours to complete it. Once started game should be finished.

As we offer this experience on-line, the time of the game will be established according to your time zone on the day comfortable for you. If you are a group of people who would like to play together at the same time, it would be even more powerful experience, as you can learn also from others' stories. Maximum amount of participants during one game is 9 people.  

ONLY 99   euro/person

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Thank you!

7 Days 25-hours 

Yoga and Meditation Retreat


"The masters of our own space

I honestly find it hard to find the words, to sum up this experience. I did the 7 day detox vinyasa and kundalini retreat, and I absolutely recommend it- 7 days gives you the chance to fully relax into the activities and space. For me, I was able to develop my yoga and meditation practice, but also self-awareness and reflection. Anna and Veronika (and the warm staff from Dream Hill and Santhika) create a safe space to explore yourself outside normal life. I was often out of my comfort zone but loved every moment. I recommend going with an intention to say YES to every opportunity. I booked a private single room, which was brilliant- its 'cosy' but with a phenomenal view. I do second the others who have said bring good earplugs- you can hear the whole city. It was only solo travels while I was there, coming and going at different times, so you get to make new bonds and connections as time goes. I also would encourage you to do a little reading about kundalini yoga and the chakra system before you come- I did this, and it allowed me to jump straight it. You can choose how much you want to delve into the experience, and I am glad I jumped straight in. I feel full of life. Thank you for absolutely everything!"

"Do yourself a favour and book it! 

I had such a lovely time on the yoga retreat! The tours were amazing, the yoga had such variety and I learnt so much. I wanted for nothing. It was the perfect break for a mum of three travelling alone! The staff were wonderful and so were all the people met who were diverse and so lovely. I’m not a full-time yogi, but asanas were adjusted for me, and the meditation was beyond words. Do yourself a favour and book it! Thank you so much for everything!"

"Beautiful experience yet!

I specifically came for yoga and meditation and at the end of my trip, I was positively calm and relaxed and realized how much this retreat has helped me to slow down with life and mostly work. Anna and Veronika both have impacted me with their teachings and I am really thankful I found them. I appreciate the morning pranayama and evening kundalini yoga routine the most. The tours and people I met were an added bonus for me. The tours were exceptional and well organized. The outdoor yoga at Santhipala waterfalls was the highlight of my yoga experience. The place is beautiful and I felt a sense of spiritual calmness. The staff was VERY helpful. The climb to dream hills was a daily struggle but enough to make me realized how strong-minded the staff there when it comes to going to work daily!"

"Best experience ever

Being the age of 58 and not a regular yogi I found it very challenging (especially the 99 steps up)and the meditation was unbelievable clearing a lot of old emotions The gong medication was unreal experience to the day trips, night time activities Most of all the beautiful group of girls from all over the world who included me in everything and made me laugh again and looked after me to the amazing staff who looked after us for the week beautiful special people Thank you Anna for what you gave created."